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Interior landscaping & Gardening design in chennai

Landscape Interior & Gardening
What is Interior Landscaping?

It is the practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in enclosed environments.Interior landscapes provide spaces with ornament, color, sculptural elements, focal points, and an overall pleasant environment.
By applying a mix of the principles and elements used for outdoor plant design, including thoughtful placement and attention to form, texture, color and proportion, you can easily create an invigorating indoor landscape with houseplants, whether you have only a windowsill to work with or an entire light-filled room or balcony areas. Now a days VERTICAL GARDENING plays a vital role in apartment buildings because of it space consumption & easy maintenance.specially in balcony areas, garden area.

There are different types of Indoor Landscapes :
Green Garden Landscaping.
Stone scapping
Holy Scape
Floating Indoor Landscaping
Water Scapping.